Community Positions

Are you looking to volunteer in one of our available community positions to support a professional and mature community? Here at Integrity Gaming, you can have an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and help grow a community that provides a fun and respectful environment for gamers!

To apply please email: [email protected]

Some positions include bonus compensation and reimbursement benefits.

Director of Player Development

This position is the chief of Integrity Gaming’s team that focuses on growing our official and unofficial membership and player base organization-wide. This individual should have sound experience in navigating social media platforms, developing marketing strategies, and frequently engaging with our community and potential players.

As the organization grows, this position will involve oversight of other player development staff who are generally tasked with specific game groups. This position is considered to be a member of Integrity Gaming’s Executive Staff.

Video Marketing Manager

This position involves video content creation that highlights Integrity Gaming’s services, including the development of promotion features, documenting general player engagement and special events, and coordinating support with other marketing and player development efforts.

This individual shall have experience in orchestrating in-game content recording and proficient and quality use of video editing techniques and software.

Software Developer (DayZ / Enfusion)

This position involves basic-level programming, primarily in support of our DayZ-focused services. DayZ is primarily focused on the Enfusion Engine from Bohemia Interactive, the same engine used for ArmA Reforger and the highly anticipated ArmA 4 which is presently in development. Someone in this position must demonstrate basic understanding and programming principles and be able to take the lead to implement