How do I connect or find the server?

The two primary methods available to connect to our server is using the vanilla DayZ Launcher which is started using Steam. The second option is the DZSA Launcher which can be downloaded for free. 

For those using the vanilla DayZ Launcher, see this help video for information on connecting if you’re unfamiliar with it. Often times the community server list takes a long time to load on this launcher and players need to take a few careful steps.

In the DZSA Launcher you should be able to find our server with ease by searching for “Integrity” in the filters section.

Our IP information is located at

What options are there for base building?

We currently support the vanilla game base building. In addition, and built in a similar way with kits, is the Building Fortifications Mod which is perfect for putting up window and door barricades to secure houses and other buildings.

As a later progression option is Base Building Plus. However, this requires finding the BBP Book and purchasing the permit from the trader to get started. BBP and vanilla base building require a territory be established, which is done by creating a flagpole as you would in the vanilla game.

However, building fortifications are permitted without a territory and are perfect for even creating semi-temporary outposts.

Is there a "raid schedule" or rules against offline raiding?

Yes, but kinda. We currently have base raiding enabled from 3pm to 12am ET on weekdays, and from 3pm Friday through 12am Monday. However, raiding outside of these hours is always possible with raid tools as the raid restriction only prevents explosive damage. Raid tools will never work on concrete (Tier 3) walls and doors created via BBP, providing an incentive for acquiring the means and materials for these walls. 

We’ve focused on finding a balanced approach related to raid limitations as we also have implemented the Discord Raid Alarm which allows members of a territory to be alerted via a Discord message that their base is being raided, even if they aren’t in-game. As our player base grows in specific markets (like the UK) we will be considering changes to the raid schedule.

We do not currently have any rules against offline raiding, which would of course defeat the purpose of having the Discord Raid Alarm. It also helps us avoid the need to have arbitrary rules that require significant monitoring and administration that are not handled by basic in-game scripting.

Do you have traders and can I gear up when I join?

Yes, and no. We do have traders, but players do not start with any money at all. Even if they did, our trader system requires various levels of what we call “reputation” in order for the specific traders to work with you. Checkout the other FAQ tab for more details about reputation

Our traders also use a dynamic inventory system and items are not available until a quantity of that item is sold by another player. After a wipe, the various traders have very limited or no items at all. The traders often will pay more for items with no or low stock, while paying less for items abundantly stocked.

You will also find a single P2P Trader where you can leave and list your own items for sale on consignment for fee where others to buy at your desired price. Players can collect their money from sales by returning to the trader.

In our server, the term trader refers to the individual AI units that trade in a particular set of goods. This differs from the term “trading post” where most of the traders are located in an immersive fortification located in Nadezhda, just south of Novy Sobor in Chernarus. Boat and helicopter traders are located elsewhere.

We do not have an ATM system at all and players must protect their money.

Why are there so many mods if you don't claim its a heavily modded server?

This is a great question! As we’ve outlined, we’re focused on keeping an immersive and realistic focused game that is still centered on the spirit of the vanilla game– all while adding more content and playability for different types of players. Simply, the number of listed mods its not reflective of the actual mount of asset content or even the actual script modifications on a server.

The longer mod list is for a couple of reasons. First, we rarely repack mods from third-parties unnecessarily, as this leads players to essentially re-download the same mods over and over again. This is a problem, especially if the mods are larger content/asset mods. 

If allowed by a mod author, we will only repack small script-based modifications that are mere kilobytes in size. We also believe it’s important to be fairly transparent about the mods.

The number of listed mods in itself does not really determine the size of the content, but more the structure and organization of the content and scripts within the mods.


What server rules do you have and where do I view them?

While our Discord server has it’s own set of rules, each of our game servers typically has two sets of rules. The first is General Rules, which are more generic in nature and are obviously centered on how players must behave. The core of these rules is to act respectably and not engage in bigotry or other reasonably offensive conduct.

The next category is Gameplay Rules. Generally these rules are limited as we believe not having arbitrary and subjective rules and rule enforcement helps with setting a clear line. We do this by trying to enforce most gameplay limits through scripts instead of admin enforcement.

Example:  Instead of having a rule against building a territory within certain military zones, we simply have game scripts that prevent players from establishing a territory within these zones altogether.

What is the "reputation" system and how does it work?

in Reputation is a system implemented on the server to have a slight impact on the gameplay and help avoid the infamous “KOS” (kill-on-sight) situations from being as common– providing for more engagement and varying interactions between players. Many servers just simply try to address KOS by having “role-play” rules, but this can take away from some of the immersion of free choice by players, the risk factor itself, and requires an extensive and often subjective enforcement requirement by admins and moderators. Players can absolutely “role-play”, but it’s not a traditional RP server that requires players to go out of their own way in personal decision-making.

Your reputation primarily affects which traders will work with you. For example, The weapons trader will require a higher minimum requirement than say a food or medical trader. It stimulates the idea that folks at the trading post won’t do business with those who haven’t established a positive reputation. However, there are going to be players that will absolutely intend on avoiding the need for a trader, and that’s just part of how they can chart their own path and story on the server.

Reputation is earned by killing infected/zombies, while reputation is lost by killing another player, dying, or killing animals. Now we know, someone’s going to say “how is it fair if I was just defending myself”?  It’s a fair question, but we’ve factored the statistics of those situations into play and understand even the “honorable” players will have some losses in humanity from time-to time. That’s true with killing animals, especially when you have no choice when being attacked, or if you really need to eat.

In the future, we are intending on adding some scripted mechanics to detect situations where players were indeed defending themselves and/or situations that a player had a true KOS kill. Currently, reputation is affected as outlined below:

Reputation ranges from 0-1000 (cannot go higher or lower)

-100 for killing a player
-5 for killing animals (-3 during in-game winter)
-15 for dying
+1 for killing infected
+10 for killing an AI

I don't see a rule on "combat logging", why not?

Simple, we don’t need a rule since we have an automated system that detects combat logging! Many players claim that the popup timer is simply a warning, but what many fail to realize is when you log out early it not only keeps your player’s body on the server (in a state that can take damage), but a penalty of 1 minute is added. This is true regardless of the logout timer already lasting it’s own 30-seconds.

In the event combat was detected, the timer on our server changes to 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. If you go ahead and press the exit key early, an additional 1 minute penalty will be added to that timer as well.