Getting Started

 This guide applies only to the Overthrow scenario which Integrity Gaming runs on one of our ArmA: Reforger Servers. While we may somewhat edit this mission type to customize it, the underlying function and creation is not ours and we cannot be expected to fix or change everything.

You start Overthrow with only the following assets:

  • $100 (On normal difficulty)
  • A house
  • A car (in your garage)
  • A map
  • A flashlight

To progress the revolution you are going to need a few things, but mostly money. Below is a basic rundown of what Overthrow has for you to navigate the island and make some cash.

The Overthrow Menu

You open the Overthrow main menu by hitting U on PC or by holding down on the D-Pad on a controller. There you will see most of the main features of Overthrow.

Getting Around

Fast Travel

You can fast travel to any house you own (including the one you start in), to your camp (that you can place), to any FOB placed by any player, or any captured base. Just choose it from the overthrow menu and then click anywhere near one of those items on the map. You will fast-travel to the place you click on as long as it’s close enough.

Your car

You spawn with a car in your garage. That car will also be shown on your map if you forget where you parked.


Walk up to any bus stop, most towns have at least one. Use the “Catch Bus” action on the bus stop to fast-travel to any other bus stop (a red “P” icon on the map) for a fee.

Buying vehicles

You can purchase selected vehicles (without weapons) at the various vehicle dealerships on the map, look for a car icon.


Jobs are the best way to discover the gameplay elements of Overthrow while earning cash. Just open the Overthrow menu (PC: U key) and click on “Jobs” to see what is available.


  • Instant Cash
  • Learn the ropes


  • Only so many jobs are available
  • Some jobs can be difficult to complete at game start

Capturing Villages

The smallest villages on the map can be captured without a fight. The occupying faction will abandon a village when support for the Resistance is over 75% of it’s population.

Support or the town will go up a lot slower when the current support is > the modifier amount. So if 25% of the population supports the resistance and you have only placed down 5 posters, it will go very slowly from there, so you need to do more than just place posters.

How to raise support

  • Capture any nearby radio towers by neutralizing the defense there
  • Place 5 posters in the town (more than 5 will have no effect, see below)
  • Deliver medical supplies to the center of the village by using your UAZ469 and selecting the action on your trunk
  • Capturing any bases close to the town

Tip: The easiest villages to capture depend if they have a radio tower nearby. Ones without can be captured without firing a single shot but it will take time.


Captured villages, towns, and cities provide a decent amount of regular income. (about $2500/6 hrs for most villages on normal difficulty).


Putting up posters advertising the resistance will gain Support in a town that will garner donations from the populace. Go into a town and using the Overthrow “U” menu select “Place” and select posters. Put them on walls around the town and then wait for the support to go up. You can check the current support by using the “Map Info” item from the Overthrow menu and clicking on the town. It takes time for the posters to take effect.

Placing more than 5 posters in a town will have no effect, it caps out at +25% (5% per poster).

Tip: You can catch buses between villages to cover more of them faster and gain support, even with your starting $100


  • Raise support and work towards taking towns
  • Can generate passive income for the whole resistance (from donations)


  • Takes a long time for support to increase


Making Money

Delivering Medical Supplies

 You don’t need a “job” to deliver medical supplies to a town. At any time you can buy medical supplies (gauze, bandages, etc.) and deliver them to the center of a town/city. You will raise Support there which will lead to donations. Just put the items in your vehicle and use the “Deliver Medical Supplies” action on your boot.


  • Raise support and work towards taking towns
  • Can generate passive income for the whole resistance (from donations)


  • Takes a long time for support to go up

Drug Dealing

Larger towns and cities have a “gun dealer” with a gun icon on the map, gun dealers also sell drugs and they can be sold to the civilians walking around for a small profit. If you buy the drugs in towns closer to ports they will be cheaper and can be sold for a higher profit in towns further from ports.


  • Instant profit, drugs bought from a dealer and sold in the same town will have 25% profit margin


  • Each civilian will only buy once
  • Can be hard work to find and chase down civilians


Shops will sell items to you that can be taken to another town to be sold to another shop for a profit. Towns closer to ports have cheaper prices so buy there and drive them to a town further from a port to make a profit.


  • Guaranteed profit if you buy from a port and deliver it far enough away


  • Takes time to drive the distances required



The Occupying faction stores all sorts of expensive items at their bases in caches. Infiltrate them and try to get away with the goods, or try to find the patrols they send into towns and kill/steal from them. Sell the (legal) items you steal at the various shops in towns.


  • 100% profit


  • Very difficult to sneak into bases or kill patrols without being killed yourself

    Placing FOBs

    In your place menu is a flag that you can put down as long as it isn’t too close to any buildings, towns, or enemy bases which will create a Forward Operating Base (or FOB). At an FOB you can place down any other items as well as build a Vehicle Maintenance Ramp, Medical tents, etc. Anyone in the resistance can then fast-travel to that FOB from anywhere on the map.

      Capturing Bases

      In each enemy base there is a flag in the middle with an action that will trigger a battle for that base. Capturing bases doesn’t currently provide much of an advantage to gameplay over an FOB, but in future it will.


      Support (aka Hearts & Minds)

       = population supporting / total population % (easier to shift in small towns/villages)


      + Put up posters ++ Deliver medical supplies +++ Capture any nearby radio towers

      – Gunfire/explosions in town
      — Enemy patrols through town
      — Killing civilians

      Each member of the population who supports the RF pays a small donation to the cause every 6 hrs (according to difficulty level). If stability is also high (over 75%) they will pay double, regardless of who occupies the town.