DayZ Server Product & Services

Order Terms & Conditions

The following policy governs the purchase of the following items from Integrity Gaming Group, LLC dba “Integrity Gaming” in connection to the online video game DayZ. None of these products or services are neither sponsored, endorsed, or in any way linked to Bohemia Interactive which owns all rights to DayZ. We do not provide any in-game assets which affect gameplay in any way. In-game items, that affect gameplay and are not simply cosmetic perks, are not provided in accordance with Bohemia Interactives Monetization Policy.

This means providing in-game money, weapons, ammo, vehicles, discounts, vehicle spawns, housing and any other gameplay-affecting features are not allowed. If an item that affects gameplay is offered and purchased by a customer, that item will not be provided in-game to that person directly and will simply be made available and accessible to all players in the exact same manner (i,e. adding a custom item to a trader or into the central loot economy (CLE) spawn)

We do not classify these purchases as donations for two reasons:  (1) we are not a US 501(c)(3) organization at this time that would entitle anyone to a tax deduction under the Internal Revenue Service Code. (2) It would not be considered a true donation that is tax deductable when the donator is receiving something of value.



  • Digital Services: This includes services that do not involve any sort of electronic asset, including but not limited to, special game server or Discord server access, priority joining queue, or reserved slots.
  • Digital Products: Includes, but is not limited to, in-game billboard advertisements and sponsorship materials, custom item texture assets, and other similar items.
  • Physical Products: Includes, but is not limited to,  clothing and other goods which are required to be shipped to a customer by mail.


Order Processing Time

For all digital services, the order processing time is fairly immediate. Upon completing your purchase, you will typically have access to your product within several minutes, except when otherwise noted on a respective service. 

Digital products will have an estimated processing time (or time range) as indicated on the respective items page.  Timelines may also be affected for a digital product that a customer must provide to us in order to begin processing. Failure by the customer to provide any asset does not itself give cause for order cancellation or refund. We reserve the right to also reject items and ask the customer for another asset. 

Any physical merchandise will have an order processing time of 3-5 business times before shipment through the selected shipping methods provided for the respective product.


Shipping Methods and Delivery Times

All digital services are provided almost immediately except when specifically noted and are not subject to shipping.

Digital products are in most cases items that require the customer to provide us with the all or part of the needed/requested digital product asset, thus is not subjec to shipping. In the event we provide a digital product that is actually sent to the customer it will be done electronically and thus does not involve any further shipping timeline.

Any physical merchandise will have an order processing time of 3-5 business times before shipment through the selected shipping methods provided for the respective product. Customer also agreess that orders may not be refunded and may also be subject to a restocking fee that is less than or equal to the respective item in the event an item is undeliverable to the provided address. In some situations the customer may have the option of paying an additional fee for reshipping in lieu of a restocking fee.


Order Cancellation and Refunds

Except as indicated herein, all orders are final and not subject to refund. Most digital services are provided nearly immediately following purchase, but in some cases, it may still take up to one business day to process. In the event it takes more than a single business day to process, the customer is entitled to a full refund upon request.

Digital products are not generally entitled to any refund except where we have clearly exceeded the provided estimated processing and delivery times. In the case of digital products which require the customer to providfe us with an asset, the customer is also entitled to a refund for any rejected assets not approved by us so long as the asset rejection was not due to a violation of the item terms and requirements for the items. This may include things such as copyright violations, vulgar and offensive content, and conflicts of interest; which is determined at our sole but reasonable discretion. Items rejected at our discretion but for reasons that do not specifically violate our terms are subject to a full refund. In all other cases, it is our sole discretion to issue a refund or require the customer to resubmit the asset.

Customer Service & Governing Law

We will work with all customers in a reasonable manner to address all issues and provide quality customer service. All customer service on orders is handled via email only at [email protected]

All terms contained herein shall be interpreted according to the laws of the US State of Delaware. Customers hereby agree that any issues arising from any purchases made from Integrity Gaming shall be handled through arbitration in the State of Delaware.